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Summer Landscaping Essentials

Summer Landscaping Essentials: Hedge Trimming, Weed Control, & Watering Tips


FAQ: Why do your hedges need trimming every summer?

Answer: Regular hedge trimming in summer is crucial to maintain the hedges’ shape, promote new growth, and prevent overgrowth that can lead to pest infestations. 

Summer is a busy time going to the pool, on vacations, and entertaining friends and family.

Summer is also a time for continual landscape maintenance, such as weeding flowerbeds, trimming hedges, and watering lawns.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the summer landscaping tasks? We’ve got you covered at Jamison Lawn Care. We’re here to take these tasks off your shoulders.

In this blog post, you’ll learn more about

  • Hedge trimming and why you need a professional landscaping company to complete the job
  • Weed control keeps your landscape and flowerbeds tidy and pretty all summer
  • Wisely water your lawn and landscaped areas while saving money on your water bills.

Hedge Trimming and Why You Need a Professional Landscaping Company to Complete the Job

Hedge trimming might need to be done every 4-6 weeks to keep it tidy (depending on the type of shrub). We’re professional landscapers at Jamison Lawn Care and experts in hedge trimming.

We’ll shape your hedges to promote healthy growth and prevent insects from living in your hedges. When our crews are on your property, they’ll look for any diseases that must be addressed.

In winter, we’ll deep prune your deciduous hedges and follow up with regular trimming throughout the growing season.

Also, we’ll trim your hedges to complement your existing landscape, whether it’s a symmetrical or asymmetrical design.

We trim your hedges to fit a more naturalistic look if you have an asymmetrical landscape.

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Weed Control Keeps Your Landscape and Flowerbeds Tidy and Pretty All Summer

This summer, don’t let weeds have the upper hand in your flowerbeds and landscaped areas. Instead, hire us to hand-pull weeds and to put down weed control to keep pesky weeds at bay.

Also, if you haven’t had your mulch installed this season, there’s still time to freshen it up. We will put down weed control with our mulch installation to suppress weed seeds from germination.

Our crews will happily hand-pull weeds and apply fresh mulch if you prefer no weed control. Mulch will naturally keep weeds out of your beds. Yet, you’ll still need hand-pulling done since some weeds are persistent, even with mulch.

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Wisely Water Your Lawn and Landscaping While Saving Money on Your Water Bills

Summertime means hot sun and little rain. You must ensure that your lawn and landscape get adequate water.

However, you can save water when your turfgrass goes dormant during a heatwave. The grass will turn brown, but it’s not dead. It’s dormant.

Still, you want to keep your landscape and flowerbeds from dying. Investing in soaker hoses or dripline irrigation can prevent plant death and save money on water bills. 

You can snake the soaker hoses around the vegetable garden and in flowerbeds. Small water droplets emit from the holes in the soaker hose to irrigate your plants at the root level instead of on the leaves, which can lead to fungal diseases.

Set your timer to shut off the soaker hoses after an hour.

Drip irrigation works similarly, where you arrange the emitters at the plant’s root level. Again, you set the timer for an hour, and the driplines turn off.

Not only will you save money on your water bills with soaker hoses and drip irrigation, but your plants will be healthier, too. 

No water will be sitting on the leaves, causing diseases, and the water will go directly to the plant’s root system so the roots can continue growing deep into the soil.

Summer Landscaping Perfection: Jamison Lawn Care’s Hedge Trimming and Weed Control Services 

You deserve a break this summer from hand-pulling weeds and hedge trimming. At Jamison Lawn Care, our professionally trained crews will ensure that weeds are under control and that hedges are well-kept for the entire season.

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