Expert landscape design services for properties located in Newtown, Solebury, New Hope, PA, & nearby areas.

We offer three different landscape design packages for you to choose from - Basic, Full, & Premium.

Your landscape is one of the most important parts of your property; it is what first-time visitors see before they enter your home or business. Make sure your new landscape is both beautiful and inviting by hiring professional design services like ours!

We have been designing landscapes for 9 years for properties in and around Newtown, Solebury, and New Hope. Our experts have an eye for beauty and a passion to bring your vision to life with our design processes. We offer three separate packages so that you are able to choose the one that best fits your goals. Before long, you will be well on your way to your dream landscape!

I looked for a while to find a reliable, honest landscape group that would do a smaller job and not think my needs too trivial to bother with. Jamison Lawn Service was exactly what I hoped them to be. They trimmed my existing bushes, designed plantings to create a small focal point in front of my home and spread mulch throughout. They came on time, did professional work, and cleaned up after themselves before they left. They even replaced a plant they had installed that I had concerns about and did not charge me for the exchange. I recommend them without reservation.
Merritt M

Basic Landscape Design Package

For smaller design projects, this is the package for you. Our basic design package includes either a computer-aided design or a 3D design. A computer-aided design, or CAD, is first drawn in 2D and then made into a 3D design. This process allows for a very precise outline of your project. 3D designs, however, are started directly with 3D shapes instead of the 2D technical drawing. The result of this is more of a “model” of your future landscape design.

No matter the design rendering that is used, it will include the adjacent obstacles around your landscape such as the footprint of the house, your driveway, your sidewalk, and more. Our basic design package also includes the digital design files for your convenience and one on-site consultation to meet with your designer and discuss your needs.

This package is right for you if you are planning a smaller landscape project, such as updating the landscape beds along the front of your house.

Full Landscape Design Package

Our comprehensive landscape design package, akin to our standard offering, incorporates either a CAD or 3D design rendering. Regardless of the software employed, our designs meticulously integrate existing landscape features, including your home’s footprint, driveway, sidewalk, and more. Alongside the digital design files for your ease of reference, this package also includes one or two on-site consultations with your designer to ensure your needs are met.

Setting it apart from our basic package, this option caters specifically to customers undertaking full landscape redesigns or commencing construction on new sites.

Premium Landscape Design Package

Experience the ultimate in landscape design with our premium package, boasting both CAD and 3D renderings for a comprehensive vision of your future outdoor space. As with our other packages, these designs meticulously incorporate existing features like your home’s footprint, driveway, and sidewalk, offering a detailed preview of your upcoming landscape transformation.

But that’s not all – our premium package goes above and beyond. In addition to the renderings, you’ll receive detailed plant lists and material recommendations, ensuring you have everything necessary to bring your vision to life. Plus, enjoy the convenience of digital design files and unlimited consultations with your dedicated designer, guaranteeing your expectations are not just met, but exceeded.

Ideal for those embarking on full landscape redesigns or starting fresh on a new construction site, our premium package is the top choice for discerning customers seeking unparalleled expertise and support.

Our landscape designs are created with confidence built from years of experience.

No matter the package you choose, our company will only design projects that our crew is also able to install. The reason for this is that we want to be 100% confident that we are thinking of every possible issue that might arise throughout the installation process and beyond. The experience that we have installing these projects ourselves gives us the expertise to think of things that you might not have thought of yourself. This is why our landscape designers are trained both in the office and in the field.

I'm absolutely delighted with Jamison's design and implementation of my landscaping project. I wanted to create a large garden of flowering bushes in my front yard that would be a habitat for birds, bees and butterflies. Melanie worked with me to suggest plants that would achieve my objective. I am just delighted with everything in the project from start to finish. Melanie's planting team is wonderful - so incredibly hard working & gentle with the plants. It's going to be so beautiful when the bushes bloom!
DE Meier

Planning a new landscape project? Give us a call!

Embarking on large landscape projects requires careful consideration and planning. For the average property owner, navigating the intricacies of landscape design can be daunting, potentially leading to overlooked details. This underscores the importance of enlisting the expertise of professional designers who possess the knowledge and skill to ensure nothing vital is missed. Entrusting your project to seasoned professionals not only alleviates the stress of the design process but also guarantees that your dream landscape is brought to life with precision and expertise.

If you reside in Newtown, Solebury, New Hope, PA, or neighboring areas such as Southampton or Furlong, we invite you to reach out to our office at (267) 621-4747. Our team is ready to discuss our range of packages and assist you in selecting the one that best aligns with your needs and aspirations.