We offer spring cleanups for properties in Perkasie, Furlong, Colmar and neighboring communities.

Spruce up your residential or commercial property with a spring cleanup that includes debris removal, bed reshaping, weed pulling, and more!


Winter tends to wreak havoc on your lawn, leaving behind fallen leaves and sticks, unkempt plant beds, and an unwelcomed colony of weeds. All of our spring cleanup services target these seasonal issues and get your lawn back in tip-top shape! Tending to the appearance of your lawn after the colder months is the main goal, but spring cleanups also offer a host of benefits for your grass and landscape plants. Pennsylvania has pretty brutal winters filled with lots of snow and frigid temperatures which gives way to various lawn diseases including the infamous snow mold. Not only that, after several months of strong winds and pounding snow, your trees and shrubs are in dire need of a good trimming and pruning.

As you can see, a spring cleanup is vital to both the health and appearance of your lawn and landscape. For homeowners and property owners in Furlong, Colmar, Perkasie, or a surrounding city in PA, contact our team to grab a spot on our spring cleanup schedule today!

Hired Jamison Lawn Care for winter clean up. Work was done in an efficient and professional manner, and at a fair price. Dealing with Melanie was an effortless process as she stayed in touch throughout the job.
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Our spring cleanups include whichever services you choose, completely customizable to fit your needs

  • Debris Removal – It’s hard to not notice a lawn filled with sticks, leaves, and dead tree branches. Our team members will remove all of that unwanted winter debris, including the debris in your landscape beds.
  • Landscape Bed Maintenance – After removing debris from your plant beds, we’ll pull invasive weeds that may have sprung up during the wintertime. We’ll also re-edge your beds, leaving them with a neat and manicured appearance.
  • Trimming & Pruning – Our team members will trim your plants for shape and aesthetic purposes. To make sure your larger landscape plants remain healthy, we’ll prune any dead or diseased branches and foliage.
  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control – One of the last things we’ll do is lay down a pre-emergent weed control treatment that will greatly reduce the number of weeds that spring up during the growing season.
  • Mulch Refreshment – Lastly, we’ll apply approximately 2 inches of fresh mulch to your landscape beds to keep your plants protected during the warmer seasons.
  • And More! Just ask.

Here are a few reasons why a spring cleanup is necessary for your property.


When leaves and various other winter debris remain on your lawn for too long, it becomes a harboring ground for various diseases and fungus. A common fungus that creeps into your lawn as winter is ending is snow mold. Snow mold reveals itself as the snow begins to melt and can appear as white or pink circular patches across your lawn.

Blossoming flowers and tropical plants are a trademark of the spring season. In order for flowers and plants to grow healthy and vibrant, they need an adequate amount of sunlight, water, and oxygen. When sticks and dead plant material are covering your landscape beds, they can smother your growing plants and prevent them from getting these essential nutrients.

The earlier you start prepping your lawn for the growing season, the easier the maintenance will be down the line. Applying pre-emergent, pruning plants, and cleaning out your landscape beds will ultimately make your lawn more resilient against weed infestations, lawn disease, and insects.

I've been using Jamison Lawn Care for a few years now. They are consistent, professional and responsive. Don't hesitate to go with them for your lawn care/landscaping needs.
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Give your grass and plants a headstart with our spring cleanup service.

It’s time to revive your lawn after the long months of winter. If you want your grass and landscape plants to reach optimum health and growth this upcoming growing season, a spring cleanup is exactly what your lawn needs! Reach out your our team at (267) 621-4747 to schedule a spring cleanup today! We’re happy to serve homes and businesses in Perkasie, Furlong, Colmar, and neighboring communities in PA.