Jamison Lawn Care was founded in December 2015 by Tom and Melanie Eckhardt. 

Tom and Melanie always wanted to start a business. After we started dating, we would brainstorm ideas and try them out. It wasn’t until Melanie’s sister talked about hiring us to mow her lawn, that we finally decided on lawn care and landscaping. Our passion of the outdoors, Melanie’s passion for plants, and Tom’s passion for equipment all made lawn care and landscaping ideal to scratch all those passions. 

We started the company with the goal to bring professionalism to the industry. We coined our tag line as “Excellence Is In Our Nature”. With the fragmented lawn care and landscaping industry, we wanted to bring a smooth, responsive, and satisfying experience for our customers. 

Spring 2016 was our first year operating out of Jamison, PA. While Tom and Melanie both worked full time, they used their days off on Sunday to do all the work themselves. We ended that year with 10 customers!

We hired our first team members in 2017. Our customer list grew and we accomplished more work than before. We learned a lot this year and utilize those experiences even today to provide excellent service to our customers and provide a great job to our team. Using credit cards to their limits, we finally got some decent equipment and some used trucks. The success of 2017 told us that we had something different and exciting. 

In 2018, we expanded again by purchasing a new pick up truck and dump truck. Both vehicles really expanded what we could do and allowed us to provide even better service! The vehicles also made our team’s quality of life better. Instead of scooping mulch off a trailer and then eventually scooping the extra back in, now we can just dump it right into wheelbarrows and save our backs. Tom and Melanie also got married in October of 2018 and in 2022 they became parents and welcomed their first born, Lily. 

Since Lily was born, we took a look at Jamison Lawn Care and what it’s future holds. It was clear that Jamison Lawn Care had to be a legacy company not only for Lily to take over some day, but our potential grandchildren and future generations as well. 

Fast forward to today in 2023, we are spending time looking to the future and perfecting our operations to expand even more next year. We are investigating more services and products to provide. Every single action in our business is being assessed, adjusted, and documented to provide the best customer experience that we can. 

We have joined the National Association of Landscape Professionals and Snow and Ice Management Association in 2024. This associations help us become even better, provide us with training and education and guides us for best practices. Through the National Association of Landscape Professionals, we have been working with a business coach who is helping us to become the best landscaping and lawn care company in the area. 

We thank our customers, our team members, and our business coach for the tremendous journey this has been and we look forward to the future with you all!


Tom & Melanie Eckhardt



Mark is in charge of our landscaping crew. Mark has excellent communication skills to make sure our clients are getting exactly what they imagined.

Chioffer "Key"

Key is in charge of our maintenance crew. Key has excellent attention to detail. He will take the time to listen to each clients wants and needs on their property.


Lily is the true boss of Jamison Lawn Care. She keeps everyone in line, ensures snacks are in stock, and brings a smile to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we have been both licensed and insured since day one. Our PA Home Improvement Contractor License number is  PA123370. We are happy to provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

We strive to get you an estimate as soon as possible. During our busy season, it may take up to a week. During slower times, it may be same day. 

What are your payment options?

We take cash, check, money order, and card. We also offer financing options. 

Is There an Online Customer Portal?

Yes! Our software allows us to create you an online customer hub in which you can select payments, change your information, see any estimates, and view your billing. 

Do You Offer Financing?

YES! We offer financing through multiple vendors. 

I Am Unsatisfied With My Service. What Do I Do?

Firstly, we deeply apologize if you are unsatisfied with our services. It is always our goal to provide top notch results. 

We also strive to provide excellent customer service. If you are unsatisfied, please contact us and let us know what we can do to make it right. We will take all necessary steps to ensure your satisfaction. 

Do I Have to Be There While You Service My Property?

You are welcome to be at your property or not while we perform our services. 

Will You Close My Gate When You Leave?

Yes, certainly. Our software program allows us to set reminders for the crews before leaving your property, such as verifying gates are closed.