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Where Did My Landscaper Go?

Simply put, your “landscaper” went out of business. 


Lawn care and landscaping is thought of to be a lower barrier to entry business to start (I.E. easy,cheap, and quick.)

Honestly, that’s what we thought at first. Until the bills started coming in. Insurance, taxes, fuel, maintenance, flat tires, oil changes, air filters, belts, grease, blades, broken shovels, chainsaws, trimmers, leaf blowers. Yeah, all that adds up IMMENSELY. 

Unfortunately, most start up entrepreneurs do not learn to ensure that profit is being generated. Now, I don’t blame them. In fact, I personally help many others. Recently, we started to help other entrepreneurs follow their dreams. 

The issue is that people start a landscaping “company” without insurance, licenses, paying taxes, etc. They take only cash and only charge what they want to personally make per hour. They forget to include an extra 30% for taxes, 10% for insurance and licenses, 10% for fuel, and so on. So they take the cash and run with it. They are doing great, pulling in hundreds of untaxed dollars a day. Until….something breaks. Then they can’t afford to pay to fix it. So after usually one year, it’s not worth it to them anymore and they quit. 


Rest assured, we have learned many lessons along our journey to building this wonderful company and have worked out the kinks. We are here to stay. For a LONG time!