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The Three Different Types of Landscaping Companies

Often in other industries you may hear the saying “cheap, fast and good”. This also applies to the lawn/landscape industry. There is nothing wrong with having a business that focuses on being the lowest priced or fastest service or the best quality. HOWEVER, you cannot have all three at once. If you find a landscape company in the Bucks County and Montgomery County area who is promising you they have all three of these qualities, run, run as fast as you can! I think that it is reasonable to have only two of those qualities. Three is just not going to happen, maybe in an alternate universe! I would consider Jamison Lawn Care to be good and fast. We are not the lowest priced competitor in the area, but you can bet that we provide a high quality service with exception customer service. I have seen multiple landscape competitors in the Bucksmont, Pennsylvania area go out of business simply by trying to be all thee qualities at once. They give you a price that is so irresistibly good looking on the estimate and butter you up thinking they’re going to get it done before your kids grad party! The Friday before the party swings by, you have over 50 people coming over and the job still isn’t done. Oh no! Oh – yes. I have seen this happen before, it is very stressful to customers. So my suggestion is to find a reputable company who might not be the cheapest, but does a darn good job. BOOK THEM FAR IN ADVANCE. I want to mention that there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a company that has the cheapest bid, however, do not expect filet mignon 5 star service. What you are going to get is a “walmart experience”. You know, you walk into Walmart to get that vacuum you’ve been looking for because it is the cheapest there. You go into the store, and can’t even find the thing you’re looking for and can’t find an employee to even make eye contact, let alone ask if you need help. You scramble to find what you’re looking for, rush to the register, and the cashiers having a bad day, then takes it out on you. Now your days got a damper on it, but hey, you got a great price. PROS AND CONS to everything – do what makes sense for you.