You are currently viewing Destructive Commoditization & 7 Reasons Jamison Lawn Care is Unique

Destructive Commoditization & 7 Reasons Jamison Lawn Care is Unique

Destructive Commoditization & 7 Reasons Jamison Lawn Care is Unique

For those unfamiliar with the word ‘commodity’, some traditional examples are; Grains, gold, beef, and oil. More specifically a product that the market treats as nearly equivalent regardless of who produced them.

Commoditation of industries can be of benefit to some, creating ample market supply and competition. However, it is not the case all across the board. When it comes to landscaping this trend can and will be detrimental to both consumer and business owners alike.

When you shop with the assumption that all landscaping companies are the same, the key deciding factor comes down to price and price alone. So you opt for the cheaper landscaper believing you got the better deal.

I’d like to challenge you on this perception. Mediocrity thrives in a commodity market. You may have saved a few bucks in the now, but in the long run it is a greater debt you pay. Not only in actual dollar amounts but also in quality/longevitey of your landscaping. Not to mention the headaches that come along with these companies who cut corners in order to offer their lower costs.

When services become commodotized the only thing that matters is the bottom line. All else gets thrown out.

And we’ve seen it again and again, not just individual homeowners coming to us in an almost plea to “please fix” whatever mistake that should never have been made by the previous landscaping company. But commercial property owners too; Alot of property managers find out the hard way that the cheapest option isn’t worth the inevitable expense.

Don’t make these same mistakes.

How Jamison Lawn Care goes above & beyond “mediocre” and why you should too

We view ourselves as unique & dedicated; With qualities like reliability and communication being our foundation for good business. If you do still view most landscapers to be the same, our company aims to stand out. We create a healthier bottom line based on performance quality and customer satisfaction NOT $.

The many customized experiences we offer unlike any other:

  1. Excellent customer service| Our office is small enough for us to get to know eachother on a personal level.
  2. Online portal | Hassle free estimates, invoicing, and much more all through the convenience of email.
  3. Communication | Responsive timely replies to email, phone call or text, social medias, and our business page.
  4. Reliable | Shows up on time and any changes to schedule are updated.
  5. Organized | We run a tight ship so you can relax knowing we got everything covered.
  6. Our crew | Loyal to our company and our clients, your satisfaction is our priority.
  7. Materials | Of high quality and sourced from local businesses.

    Your business is special, invest in us and see how we invest in you!