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Bagged Mulch Vs Bulk Mulch

Bagged Mulch
Bulk Mulch

Mulch is the product of taking wood waste and shredding it into fine pieces. Once shredded, color may be added. Or, it can be sold as a natural wood color.

In my experience, bulk mulch is superior to bagged mulch. Here are my reasons why:



  1. Bagged mulch is thicker than bulk mulch. Bulk mulch is usually shredded finer and looks better in your garden beds.
  2. Bulk mulch dye usually lasts longer than bagged. (After a good rain, ever notice the color of your mulch wash away?)
  3. Bulk mulch is significantly cheaper than bagged.
  4. Bulk mulch does not leave you with any plastic bags to discard. (Take care of our environment!)


Cons of Bulk Mulch:

  1. You need to have a good supplier who uses good techniques and dye.
  2. You need at least a pickup truck to pick up the mulch or pay to have it delivered in some circumstances.
  3. There is more spillage to clean up with bulk mulch.

What do you think? Do you prefer bagged or bulk mulch?