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Should You Mulch Once or Twice a Year?

Mulching Once or Twice a Year! The choice is yours.

It’s no surprise that your garden beds need regular maintenance to be kept in check. While weeding and debris removal keeps them looking tidy, the beds need a fresh layer of mulch at the very least one time per year. Depending on your budget, you might want to mulch two times a year. This schedule could be once in the Spring/summer and once in the Fall. The choice is yours wether you want Jamison Lawn Care to mulch your beds once or twice a year. It depends on what your long term goals are. If you always want your beds to look exceptionally tidy, twice a year would be the best options. If you need the best bang for your buck, then once a year is probably your preference. Generally at Jamison Lawn Care, we try to mulch with a depth of 2”. We can install a thicker or lighter layer, depending on the current bed conditions. You should take precaution to not apply the layer too thick or too thin. Too thin, and you risk more weed growth. Too thick, and you may choke out your plants for moisture. Usually you don’t need to remove the mulch from the year prior, it should decompose on it’s own. However, if you happen to have an overly thick layer of mulch that is spilling into walkways/grassy areas, it might be a good idea to remove that old layer to prevent further build up. To sum this up, mulching once or twice a year is totally up to you. You just have to weigh the pros and cons on your part and decide what works best for your property and your budget, wants preferences and needs. We are a local landscaper that services Bucks County, PA for Mulching Installation. Servicing Perkasie, PA. Chalfont, PA. Warrington, PA and more. Please contact our team for an estimate!