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Birch Trees for Winter Interest

Plant of the Month: Birch Trees for Winter Interest


Have you ever walked in a forest filled with birch trees? The birch trees’ bark is eye-catching, especially in winter when the leaves are long gone. Then, the white or yellow bark makes a statement and can be a focal point, especially in a residential landscape.


The Beauty of Birch Trees in Winter


The stark white bark against a gray winter day draws you in as you look at it through a window in your home. Birch trees can stand alone or in a group in a landscape, with their white, papery bark and yellow leaves in the fall.


Why do birch tree branches stand out?


Because their white branches, reaching up to the sky, stand in contrast against a blue winter sky. Conversely, birch trees take on a magical quality when they’re part of a snowy backdrop. Even on cloudy, gray days, birch trees brighten the landscape and make a statement.


Birch trees are sustainable and beneficial during the cold winter, including their adaptation to cold temperatures.


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Compared to other deciduous trees, their flexible branches don’t break easily under a heavy blanket of snow or ice. So you don’t have to worry about storm damage to your birch trees.


Top 10 Birch Tree Varieties Thriving in Southeastern PA


You may want to add a birch tree to your landscape; late fall is the perfect time to put these striking specimens into the ground.


The following 10 birch trees grow well in USDA zones 6a to 7:


  1. Bog birch – A clump-forming shrub that does well in wet landscape areas.
  2. Cherry birch – A tree with a reddish-brown trunk and flowers in April and May.
  3.  Dwarf birch – A small, dwarf shrub that prefers a wet, well-drained site.
  4. Himalayan birch – This medium-sized birch has bright white bark, spring flowers, and yellow leaves in fall.
  5. Japanese white birch – Also known as Asian white birch, this variety has white bark and thin spreading branches that will droop if not pruned.
  6.  Paper Bark Birch – This variety is native to the northern U.S. and Canada and comes with white bark. The leaves turn a vibrant yellow in autumn.
  7.  River birch – This birch tree sports bright green leaves in summer, and the bark ranges from salmon to brown-red. The continuously peeling bark reveals a lighter bark underneath. This tree can stand alone in a landscape.
  8.  Silver birch – With papery, white bark, the silver birch grows from a pyramidal shape to a more rounded one. It is susceptible to the bronze birch borer, a pest that targets birch trees.
  9.  Weeping Birch – You want a weeping birch tree if you love draping branches in your Perkasie landscape. Make the weeping birch a focal point as a graceful tree to enjoy in winter and the rest of the year. Read more: Beyond Turfgrass: Shady Lawn Makeover Ideas
  10. Yellow Birch – This birch tree has longevity in its genes—it can grow for 150 years! The yellow birch has other unique features, including yellow-gold to brown, golden bark that peels horizontally rather than vertically.

Making the Most of Birch Trees in Your Jamison, PA Landscape


Group birch trees with hydrangeas, evergreens, and ground cover for a well-rounded landscape. Since birch trees have shallow roots, planting several together works well in a shady setting. Ensure these birches get the right amount of sun and soil moisture according to their variety.


Jamison Lawn Care Will Design and Plant Your Birch Trees


When we at Jamison Lawn Care install birch trees on your Hilltown or Perkasie property, we’ll team up with you to create a landscape design that matches your property’s aesthetics and preferences.


You can make last-minute adjustments or changes before our shovels hit the ground.


Call us today at 267-621-4747 or fill out our contact form to select the best birch trees and their placement for your Jamison, PA, landscape.


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