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Happy Pennsylvania Planting

First and foremost, If you have had a great experience with our work in the past, please make sure to leave a rating and let us know.  It would make us here at Jamison Lawn Care very happy to see any and all of our customers help us to grow our presence. 


Even happier I’m sure would be you with a completely native, pollinator attracting, deer resistant garden landscape.

 No more bringing pesky pests to your yard all the while providing for the surrounding natural environment.

 One of the best selling aspects of planting local species is they are grown for the area’s exact conditions – meaning little to no maintenance required.


With approximately 2,100 native plant species in Pennsylvania to choose from there is no shortage of possibilities. And to combat the 1,300 of non-native species which make up for the 37% of our state’s wild plant flora there is no better way. Help maintain the natural biodiversity.


Deer resistant planting ensures the landscaping you pay for is not a free buffet for some of our woodland neighbors. Here are a few deer resistant native plants to consider:


  • Butterfly Milkweed
  • Mint
  • Poppy
  • Snapdragon 


Pollinator planting attracts bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and a plethora of visiting beauties to your backyard. In recent years we’ve experienced a great decline of our honey bee population – leaving wild bees to pick up most of the slack. Keeping our agricultural and natural environments alive and healthy have never relied more on us and our home gardens. Butterfly milkweed may be the best option to make an impact as wild milkweed has also seen a major decline. 


The one thing to take away if anything is to NEVER PLANT INVASIVES. If you really must have that one special plant consider potting it and keeping it indoors to decrease the chances of spreading germinating seedlings. 


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