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Are Your Weeds Growing Like Crazy?

If you live in Bucks County, PA or Montgomery County, PA we all know that weeds are a constant battle.

Whether it is in your lawn or garden beds. You spray them, pull them, torch them, curse them out (kidding, maybe not). I am here to say the truth, that weeds need to be accepted! There is no magical treatment to eliminate weeds forever. If you have a lawn service that promises that weeds will not come back, please turn around and run as fast as you can. Maybe in the future with new technology or new chemicals who knows. We constantly get asked about if we can do something to stop the weeds forever, the answer is no. Weeds are here to stay for the long run, the only answer is maintenance. We can come out on a as needed basis, or monthly, or seasonal to take care of your garden bed weeds. The better you maintain the beds, the more weeds will be suppressed. Mulching alone is not the answer for garden bed weeds. Mulching and a weeding maintenance service or spraying with weed killer will help your garden bed weeds. Please do not think that weed barrier fabric is your answer either, weed barrier fabric should only be used with stone (to prevent the stone from intermingling with soil). Fabric never works, From our 8th year in business, we can say for sure that weed barrier fabric is NEVER the answer. Weeds grow through it no matter how thick the fabric, or weeds grow on top of it. Fabric also is not good for your soil or plants. Just say no to fabric. We often have clients that think STONES are also the answer to stop weed growth. Stones alone do not stop weeds from growing, weeds are perfectly capable of growing through any size of stones. Weeds are relentless and the bane of our existence. But you know what, we have to show some love for our weeds – They keep us physically active and moving our body in nature. Being able to remove weeds gives us the pleasure of being outside in nature and get some fresh air. Weeds also keep our crews busy, so we are happy to take care of your weeding maintenance. How lucky are we to be able to work in nature?