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From Neglect to Flourish: The Importance of Committing to a Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Plan

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From Neglect to Flourish: The Importance of Committing to a Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Plan


Maintaining a beautiful and well-kept lawn and landscape requires time, effort, and a working knowledge of some horticultural principles for you, the homeowner.


If you’re a busy family or don’t have a green thumb, you may want to invest in lawn and landscape maintenance packages. These maintenance plans ensure that your outdoor spaces receive the care they need throughout the growing season to keep your Jamison, PA property looking its best.


A Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Plan Enhances Your Property’s Curb Appeal


You enhance the curb appeal of your property by investing in seasonal maintenance. A well-groomed lawn and landscape impress guests and neighbors, increasing your home’s overall value.


For example, the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ consumer page, Love Your Landscape, says, “A lush, green, and healthy lawn is the first thing to catch the gaze of passers-by ….”


Your vibrant green lawn creates a positive first impression, highlighting the care and attention to detail you’ve invested in your property. When you sign a contract with your local lawn care service, you can expect regular visits to keep your lawn at its best throughout the season.


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Time, Cost, and Environmental Savings with Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Packages


Another advantage of these packages is the cost-effectiveness they offer. While the monthly landscape maintenance cost may seem like an additional expense, it pales compared to the potential costs of neglecting your lawn and landscape.


We recommend committing to our six-step lawn program at Jamison Lawn Care because it will save you money in the long run. If you decide to stop your program or take a year off, we may need to do extensive lawn rehabilitation to get it back to peak performance.


Regular maintenance prevents issues such as weed infestation, pests, and soil damage, saving you from having to re-sod your lawn, which can cost you up to $15,000.


Plus, you save when you hire us to provide landscaping services, such as shrub and tree pruning, mulching, flowerbed maintenance, and edging, rather than hiring us only to come out to remove a shrub.


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Your Outdoor Spaces Will Be Healthy


You benefit when you join our lawn care program at Jamison Lawn Care. While a lawn maintenance program may seem like a significant investment, it will save you money compared to repairing a damaged lawn.


Investing in a lawn care plan is like going to your doctor for a physical—it’s preventative maintenance. We provide weed control, fertilization, and other lawn services to keep your turfgrass healthy.


Plus, the more lawn and landscaping services you commit to for the growing season, the more cost-effective our lawn and landscaping maintenance services will be for your pocketbook.


With us handling your lawn and landscaping upkeep, you can relax and enjoy your Jamison property without worrying about lawn care and landscaping tasks. Whether trimming overgrown shrubs, lawn maintenance, or tending to flowers, we have the knowledge and experience to handle it all.


How Jamison Lawn Care Keeps Your Property’s Curb Appeal Beautiful with Their Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Plans


In conclusion, you’ll have a beautiful outdoor space when you commit to a seasonal lawn package and regular landscape maintenance services from us at Jamison Lawn Care.


From saving time and money to boosting property value, our lawn and landscape services offer a range of benefits that cannot be overlooked.


Reach us today at 267-621-4747 or fill out our contact form to set up your lawn care program and regular landscape maintenance services.


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Source:, How Lawns Benefit Our Communities.

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