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The Best Plants for Bucks and Montgomery County

The Best Plants for Bucks and Montgomery County

Okay I know you all may be wandering around the nursery thinking “wow this would look fantastic in my front garden bed (and my neighbors would be jealous). That’s great! However, here is the reality. You need to consider how these plants thrive in certain conditions. You shouldn’t randomly pick up a Crape Myrtle and throw it in the ground. (I love the way crape myrtles looks, however, please make sure the variety you are purchasing at the nursery is winter hardy. Some crape myrtles work best in the southern region) I am getting side tracked but the point is you need to think about our conditions here. Our zone is 6-7A (depending where you are on the map of bucks-mont). Below is a list of plants you can consider for your home! (some of my favorites here are Jamison Lawn Care). It is good to have a blend of perennials, annuals, evergreens, shrubs and trees. It adds interest to your property. It wouldn’t be a good idea to purchase a tropical flower that you are expecting to come back each year. You can – but it takes a lot of work. Let’s not forget about the deer here is Bucks and Montgomery County. Now that more home are being built – deer are scavenging more through neighborhoods just looking for something yummy to snack on. Keep in mind when you are at the nursery to keep an eye out for deer resistant plants if deer walk into your property frequently.

Our Favorites at Jamison Lawn Care:














-Soft Touch Hollies

-Cherry Laurels



-Butterfly Bushes

-Oakleaf Hydrangeas

-Rose of Sharon

Ornamental Grasses

-Karl Forester Grass

-Hameln Grass

-Elijah Blue Fescue Grass

-Black Mondo Grass


-Crippsii Cypress

-Dragon Lady Holly

-Colorado Blue Spruce

-River Birch