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Pricing Lawn and Landscape Services

Pricing Lawn and Landscape Services in Bucks County, PA

How do we price out a job. What is the normal cost of landscaping services in Bucks County, PA.

We take a look at the project and follow YOUR lead. It really depends what you’re looking for as it varies widely. We like to say that there is no black and white in landscaping. There is always a gray area. We are pricing out the project customized to your expectations and level of detail desired. We take into account everything such as what your goals are, what your budget is, what your lifestyle is (example – do you like to garden, or do you want a low maintenance property). If you would have us install a garden, there must be considerations as far as who is going to take care of it. Landscaping is not a one and done deal. It needs constant maintenance. Unless you just need the job to look good for a week or so until you get the house on the market! (Believe it or not, customer’s have asked us to do this). We can make your property look like you have a live-in estate gardener there who maintains the property on a daily basis, but believe me, it is going to cost…a-lot. Some people love to put their money towards their outdoor spaces, others don’t. It’s all personal preference. We aren’t here to tell you where you need to spend your hard earned money. So you need to decide for yourself what your wants/needs are.

Anyways, back to the subject of how we price out a job. We need time to think about a job after we look at it. We need to consider how much time it is going to take to get you the result that you need. We look at the property, take photos and come back with an estimated cost. If you get a competitors estimate for half of what ours is, there is probably a reason. Perhaps that company has no idea how long this job will take to get you the result that you need. How do we know? Because it has happened to us before. We have had the not so pleasure of underbidding jobs so bad that it takes triple the amount of estimated time, meaning we actually lost money. Pricing lawn and landscape services takes time to think about and it always depends what your budget is.


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