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Why Do We Wear Purple?

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You’re probably wondering…What’s up with the purple? Why not green like other companies?

We did start with green, but we wanted to break the mold. Check it out below. We started Jamison Lawn Care on December 23, 2015. We have learned an enormous amount and have changed even more.

We started with a green colored logo. But we were here to change things in this industry. We wanted to input our identities and personalities into our company. We had no experience and that was the perfect opportunity to reinvent.

The green color was too status quo for us. Almost every company is a green theme. So Melanie and I went back and forth with different colors. First, blue, then yellow, then pink. Each color has its own meaning. Finally, we decided on purple. Royalty we thought. (No, we don’t think we are Royalty). But we wanted to provide a royalty-like service.

We get it all the time, “The guys in the purple shirts”. And quick frankly, the color works and we love it!

What do you think about the color purple?