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What Do Landscapers Do In The Winter?

What do landscapers do in the winter?

We sit inside. and wait. and wait. and wait. and wait. 

While that’s true, here are some things that we do in the off season.

  • Work on finances and taxes. We review the last year’s financials and make a plan for the upcoming season to ensure we survive and thrive. 
  • Work on our website. Sorry folks, I apologize for not writing enough blogs during the season. It’s something that I do have to work on, or hire someone to do. But the 12 hour days just get too busy. Thankfully, I have to off season to get a whole 8 months of writing off my mind!
  • Review company policy. Over the year, we learn each day. I take quick notes on things that went wrong and how we can improve. The off season is when I can sit down, test, and implement new ideas for a better upcoming season.
  • Completely go through our equipment. We fix anything that needs fixing, we wash everything, and we reorder parts to minimize downtime. 
  • We relax and spend more time with our families. The season is an all out fight to maximize on-the-job hours and minimize any down time. Unfortunately, our families sometimes pays the price as we are working super long days to catch up. During the winter, I like to take it show and spend almost everyday with family.

What do you like to do on your days (or months) off?