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The Most Underrated Rake

Corona RK 62060 Fixed Tine Shrub Rake, Aluminum Handle, 8-Inch Wide

The 8″ Shrub Rake is my FAVORITE rake! 

Listen, different size rakes have different applications. But basically all applications, you can benefit from an 8″ rake. 

Are you doing mulch? Use this rake to spread and smooth around shrubs, plants, and tree roots. 

Getting rid of leaves? Use this rake to get in those small crevices that are incredibly hard to get to. 

Picking up twigs? This is perfect to get around tree roots and any small divots in your lawn. 

On any jobsite, you’ll most likely see me with this rake in my hand. Is there a time and a place for a bigger rake? Sure, you’ll save time on bigger projects. For the delicate, detailed work which I mostly do, this rake will not let you down!

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