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Landscaping Maintenance Is Crucial to Save You Money in the Long Run!

Maintenance Is Crucial to Save You Money in the Long Run!

Whether you have a garden that needs maintenance or a lawn, you must stay on top of caring for it. It is crucial and 100% necessary.

Especially in Bucks County and Montgomery County. I for one know that thistle weeds grow rampant in the Warrington, Chalfont, and New Britain PA areas. We do not suggest to skimp on the maintenance as it just creates more headaches and costly repairs for the future. If you are caring for your property yourself, we suggest to set a schedule. Each week you should be mowing the turf areas and cleaning up edging and blowing off debris. Bi weekly, monthly or weekly if possible, take a close look at your garden areas and assess whether it needs sprayed or hand weeded. If you have gardens that are dense with plantings, you may be better off hand weeded, if you have beds that don’t have a significant amount of plants you might be able to get away with spraying. It also depends on your personal preference on the use of chemicals and how clean you want your property to look. Spraying takes time for the weeds to die and you will have to look at dead weeds, unless you will pull the dead weeds. Weeding immediately takes care of the growth for an immediate clean look. Lets get back to the important topic, you pocketbook savings. If you are turning a blind eye to your lawn and beds, you will be in for an unexpected estimate from a landscaper, or you will be devoting your entire 3 weekends in a row (depending on size of yard) to cleaning up your property. Put in the maintenance now, to save you down the road. If you have shrubs that needed maintenance, consult with a landscaper to see the best time to have them maintained and an estimate. You may be better off sticking with a landscaper for shrub trimming and pruning as we have all the necessary tools and manpower. Some shrubs are tall and take strenuous muscle to trim them nicely. Mulching should be done at the very least once a year. Ideally 2x per year, but that is up to you and your budget. If you don’t mulch your beds, weeds are going to grow so fast and spread easily in the bare dirt. Weeds love bare dirt. You should also be mulching your beds for the health of your shrubs, trees and perennials. Mulch acts as an insulator for plants and it retains moisture extremely well. Protect your investment of expensive landscaping plants, by making sure that you mulch your beds! Just one shrub that dies can cost as as much as $400 to remove and replace (depending on size of plant installed and size of plant removed). Multiply that by how many shrubs you have, and you will have your number. If you stay on top of the maintenance, you will save yourself a-lot of money in the long run.