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Mulching Vs. Removal of Fall Leaves

Mulching vs Removal of leaves. The choice is yours. At Jamison Lawn Care, we can either mulch your fall leaves with our mowers (if the conditions are right) or we can remove them and haul away for your Bucks County, PA property. The conditions must be correct to properly mulch fall leaves. They have to be dry and not frozen to the grass. For some clients, removal makes more sense, if they get a heavy layer of leaves, then it wouldn’t make sense to mulch them as it may choke out and smother the grass. Mulching leaves does leave a-lot of tiny leaf debris in the lawn but it acts as a natural fertilizer for the turf and decomposes overtime. Mulching leaves takes the proper equipment and proper mulching blades. Removal of leaves definitely leaves a more tidy appearance to your property. Mulching leaves is very cost effective as opposed to removal and hauling away leaf debris. You just have to choose what works best for your property. A heavily wooded area, should mostly likely have removal and haul away done to prevent leaving matted leaves killing the grass. Contact our team to see what works best for your property. We service some of Bucks County, PA and some of Montgomery County, PA for your Fall clean-up and leaf removal needs. If you are looking for a landscaper for your Bucks County, PA property, contact the team at Jamison Lawn Care. Not sure if we service your city? Just ask!