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Leaf Removal in Bucks County, PA

It is time for leaf removal in Bucks County, PA.

We service the following cities:

New Britain

Don’t see your city on this list? Give us a call to see how we can still help! 


The leaves are falling quickly. We can service in as many or as little visits as you prefer. Depending on your budget –  Doing only 1 or 2 visits may be preferable to lower your costs.


It is beneficial to remove the leaves on your lawn to prevent clutter build up which can choke out your once healthy turf. You want to make sure that the grass is not smothered in a heavy layer of debris. In addition, leaves hold moisture, mold and pests. It is recommended to remove any leaves built up against the foundation of your home as soon as possible. It is a breeding ground for trouble to leave any debris against your siding/or any hard surfaces. Removing leaves will give you a clean, fresh look to your property. De-cluttered, no mess and it makes for an easier cleanup come the spring.


We completely agree that fall leaves as beautiful –  but here’s the truth – they must go! They can be a hazard to your property as well. They can create a slippery situation when on walkways and driveways. It can be easy to trip on a slick surface. Especially wet/frozen leaves. You can either have our team remove the leaves or mulch them back into your turf. It really depends on how heavy the leaf fall is and the time of year. It is quite difficult to mulch up frozen leaves on grass. Leaves can cause damage to your once clean patios/walkways and driveways. Racking up a pressure washing bill come the spring!  The hazards of leaves are endless, so have our team clean up those bad boys!


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