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January Landscaping Tips

January Landscaping Tips For Your Bucks County, PA Garden

January can be a busy month of preparation before the spring hits for your garden beds. There is debris to be removed, beds to be mulched for the winter, plants to be installed before the ground freezes (If we get a mild winter, the ground may not freeze!) At Jamison Lawn Care we provide garden care and lawn care.

  • Leaf removal is an important task for your Doylestown, PA lawn and garden. Don’t leave the leaves sitting on your turf. It will choke the grass out of oxygen and sunlight. A light layer of leaves left on the grass won’t harm it, but a thick layer of debris that must be removed. If you are already spending money on a lawn care application program, why waste more money damaging your grass by neglecting leaf removal? We can handle your leaf removal for your lawn and garden.
  • Plan your landscaping needs for the next season. There is a common term in the service industry known as the “spring rush” Folks, it’s no joke. During peak busy season, we are over loaded with jobs and new inquiries. While we are always thankful for it, we wish more customer’s would contact our team over the winter when we can take the time to plan out your following years landscaping and gardening needs for your Chalfont, PA property.
  • Install shrubs and trees. Believe it or not, contrary to popular belief. It is a myth that plants should be installed only during spring-fall. Winter can be an ideal time for planting as long as the conditions are right. The ground should not be frozen. If we can easily dig in it, then we can plant. Winter calls for less watering, thus saving you time in the long run. We monitor the soil temperature and upcoming soil temperatures to make sure you’re in the clear before scheduling your winter planting job for your Bucks County, PA landscape.
  • Re-mulch your garden beds. Winter mulching is highly beneficial for proper garden care. We understand that the most popular time for visual appeal is spring to mulch. But – You should consider having a fresh layer of mulch installing during the cold winter months. The mulch will insulate your plants (keeping the surrounding soil at the perfect temperature for the plant’s health), keep weeds down (yes, weeds are still present during winter – they may be “asleep” but they always come back), add a fresh pop of color for the season and lessen the burden of a spring clean up in March.

Want to get on our January schedule for garden care and landscaping? Contact Jamison Lawn Care (267) 621 – 4747.