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Time for a Landscape Renovation on Your Bucks County Property?

Is It Time for a Landscape Renovation on Your Bucks County Property?

Are you tired of your current landscape design? Do you have dying shrubs or flowers that aren’t blooming as fully as they used to?

Conversely, you may have remodeled your home’s exteriors and want to update your landscape design to reflect your home’s new look?

If you need to overhaul your garden beds and landscaped areas, it’s time to call your local landscaper.

6 Ways to Know If Your Landscape Needs a Renovation

While the thought of renovating your backyard may seem overwhelming, you’d be surprised at the result when you remove plants that aren’t functioning well with new plants. Your landscaping will transition from blah into a thing of beauty after a renovation.

Here are six ways to know if your garden beds and landscaped areas need a reboot:

  • Your evergreen shrubs look ratty: Arborvitae, boxwoods, and other evergreen shrubs start to look unkept the older they become. Sometimes, pulling them out and replacing them with younger specimens is better.

  • Your ornamental trees and shrubs are dying: You may have noticed that your dogwood trees and hydrangea aren’t blooming or have dieback (dead branches). Sometimes, a pest will infest your shrubs, slowly killing them. Then, these woody plants need to be removed and replaced.


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  • You want to change your property’s layout by adding more flowerbeds: Many times, homeowners change their landscape once their children are grown and are out of the house. If you’re an empty nester, you may want to add more flowerbeds or a tree where the swing set used to be.

  • Adding a new patio or other hardscapes to your backyard: You may enjoy entertaining outdoors during the summer and will be adding an outdoor kitchen and dining area. You’ll need shrubs and flowers to provide “the wallpaper” of your outdoor living space.

  • You’re hiring a landscaper to improve your yard’s drainage: You might have ponding on your Jamison property every time it rains. You’re tired of how this makes your lawn look, so hire a landscaper to correct your yard drainage. 


One option would be putting in a rain garden with water-loving plants to keep water away from your home and perk up your yard.

  • You want a low-maintenance yard: If you’re a new homeowner, you may want to simplify your life with a low-maintenance lawn and landscape. The previous owners may have had a lot of flowerbeds and landscaped areas. But you want them removed or replaced.


Your landscaper can replace existing plants with trees, shrubs, and other plants that don’t require much care.

How to Work with a Professional Landscape Company

If you’re ready to spruce up your existing landscape space, you need a professional landscaping company, such as Jamison Lawn Care, to design and remove old trees, shrubs, and flowers.

And if you want your new plants to succeed, you should hire us at Jamison Lawn Care to help you pick the best plants to meet your aesthetic needs. Here are seven tips for working with a landscape company, such as Jamison Lawn Care:

  • Talk about your long-term landscape vision for your property.

  • Ask how your landscape pro incorporates native plants into a garden design.

  • Discuss with your landscaper how hands-on you’ll like to be—or if you want your landscaping team to do all the work.

  • Realize that your landscape vision becomes a reality over the years, not overnight.

  • Discuss your budget—how much can you spend now, and how much do you want to spend per year to develop your long-range vision?

  • Make sure your landscape company knows about HOA rules for plant design.

  • Ask follow-up questions to ensure your landscape pro is the right fit for you.

If you’re ready to work with Jamison Lawn Care to renovate your tired, worn-out flowerbeds and landscaped areas, call us today at 267-621-4747 or fill out our contact form to set up your landscaping appointment.

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Plant of the Month: Perfect Wetland Plants for Swampy Areas


Do you dread when the forecast calls for a lot of rain over a few days? 

You may have flooding that caused your lawn to thin out and die, or you’ve ruined flowerbeds because of heavy rainfall. And your basement floods every time it rains.

There are a few ways to solve your yard drainage problem, which include planting trees, shrubs, and flowers that do well in wetlands.

What You Need to Know About Yard Drainage

A lack of yard drainage can be aggravating, especially if the standing water makes its way into your basement. 

Did you know that Jamison Lawn Care can help you with yard drainage issues? We provide light grading to move water away from your home and stop the ponding in your yard. Contact us today. 

The Perfect Plants for Your Jamison Wetlands

If you have a wetland on your Jamison property, you know that you need to care for it. You can incorporate many native plants to invite fascinating pollinators to the boggy area on your property.

Here’s a variety of plants to use in your wetland area or a rain garden:


  • Black gum tree
  • Maple tree
  • Pin oak
  • River birch
  • Willow.

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  • Arrowhead viburnum
  • Buttonbush
  • Inkberry
  • Red or yellow-twig dogwood
  • Pussy willow
  • Winterberry holly.


  • Cattails
  • Horsetail
  • Joe Pye weed
  • Marsh marigold
  • Northern blue flag.

You can change a swampy area into a beautiful garden that attracts various birds and beneficial insects to your property. You’re also adding pops of color with native plants that increase your property’s value.

At Jamison Lawn Care, we provide landscaping services, including adding plants to the swampy areas of your property.

We serve homeowners and commercial properties in Buckingham and Warwick Townships, including these Pennsylvania towns: Chalfont, Doylestown, Furlong, Hatboro, Horsham, Jamison, Southampton, Warminster, Warrington, and Warwick.

If you need light grading to eliminate a yard drainage problem, or you want to add wetland-friendly plants to a swampy area, call us today at 267-621-4747 or fill out our contact form.

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