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Leaf Removal Options

Fall Leaf Removal Options


Let the leaves lay where they fall? Or pick up that rake, blower, and/or mower. You might lean towards one option out of habit alone.


So what are some good reasons to change it up this year? There are many pros to a fall cleanup of your property as well as a few cons depending. Each property comes with its own unique needs. 


Benefits of each service and what else to look out for:


Look at this list to help determine the best outcome for your landscaping this time around. 


Leaf Removal – As there are more pros than cons to this service let’s get those possible negative effects out of the way first. 



  • If your entire property is picked clean each and every year your soil is missing out on natural compost, which adds back nutrient content. 
  • Some plants more susceptible to cold weather can use leaf buildup much like a layer of mulch, helping to trap heat. Keep in mind it also, unfortunately, locks out moisture. 


  • Leaf buildup harms your lawn and garden plants. It can create a layer blocking out any sun or water. 
  • Leafs stuck/frozen to the ground can sometimes result in dead patches of grass. 
  • Piled-up leaves invite pests & insects.
  • If built up around the base of your plants this can encourage root rot.


Best to clean up the majority of your fallen leaves, maybe scheduling one leaf removal visit instead of two is a better option. Or if you only have a small number of leaves and still would like to get rid of them; Leaf mulching is a great alternative.


Leaf Mulching – A description of this service would be to gather all leaves on the property into the grass and then cut the lawn a few times over. After, a ‘dusting’ of leaf particles is left to be reclaimed into the ground soil.



  • Now, this has no real negative impact but some personally dislike the dusty color left on the grass. It is only temporary until the leaf mulch disintegrates on its own. 
  • Leaf mulching does require a lawn surface to complete this service.


  • Can be more cost-effective than leaf removal.
  • Requires less time and manpower than standard leaf removal.
  • Gives the benefit of leaving your leaves where they lie without any of the drawbacks. Meaning extra nutrients only. 


So whether you break your back each fall raking or kick back to just watch them as they fall; It’d be smart to know the full impact of each option and choose the best one. 

If you’re still unsure of your property’s needs we are always more than happy to advise. Contact us at & happy fall! We service Bucks County, and some of Montgomery County.