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Landscaping in Winter in Central Bucks, PA

There’s plenty of lawn and gardening chores to be done from December through March!

The shrubs, weeds and perennials may be dormant but in the spring they’re back green, healthy and ready to sprout.

At Jamison Lawn Care, we are able to service your property at any point in the winter as long as the weather conditions are okay. So far for the late fall of 2021, we haven’t had any terrible winter storms (knock on wood) It’s mid December and the weather has been pretty mild in my humble opinion. In the winter we can handle grueling gardening/lawn tasks such as removing and raking leaves, pruning shrubbery, planting trees/shrubs/perennials, removing debris such as branches, limbs, twigs, and more. Winter is also a beneficial time for mulch installation. The mulch acts as an insulator and keep your plant roots at a safe temperature. The mulch prevents the soil from getting too cold during the winter months. If you already invested your hard earned dollars into new plants for your landscape, mulch as a cheap insurance policy to help protect your precious plants.

Ornamental grasses are a popular plant across residential and commercial properties. It is a wise idea to cut the grasses back in fall or early spring. We can handle this task during the winter. Believe it or not, weeds do not die in the garden beds during the winter. They are simply dormant and “sleeping”. Weeds should be taken care of and removed as soon as possible so that they don’t take over the garden beds during early spring. Weeds spread quickly with warmth, sunlight and moisture – so if this chore is done during the winter it will save you time in the long run. Do you ever notice how after a heavy rainfall on a humid spring day the weeds start to grow like there’s no tomorrow? That’s because it’s the perfect condition for the weeds to multiple. If you have Jamison Lawn Care take care of winter weeds, it will be another item checked off your to do list.

We can prune shrubs in Bucks County and small ornamental trees during the wintertime. Pruning can be tricky because each certain type of shrub may have different bloom times. We have to take into consideration the ideal time to trim those spring flowering shrubs so that we don’t cut their blooms off. Keep in mind if your goal of the pruning is to control growth/rejuvenate and you don’t mind cutting the blooms off then we can prune at anytime. Sometimes this may be necessary for an invasive shrub/tree that grows quickly and is growing into unwanted spaces.